Foundation Teacher Trainings

If you are looking to become a yoga teacher, a foundation 200hr teacher training is the first stage in your teaching journey. To make the most of this training you should have a dedicated yoga practice of, ideally, at least a couple of years. Based on your experience on the mat, and with some advice from your favourite teachers, you should be able to decide what style of yoga you should complete your foundational training in.

We recommend you train in a style you feel familiar with, and that you try to attend the teacher’s public classes at least a couple of times so you can see whether you like their teaching style and energy. You will be spending quite some time with your teacher during the training so it is ideal that you feel comfortable around them and inspired by the way they share the practice.

We have a 200hr teacher training scheduled for Spring 2022, click below for more information:

The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

Jason Crandell
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