200hr Vinyasa Flow TT

Applications for our 2021 Teacher Training have ended. If you are interested in joining our next 200hr TT with Becky Farbstein in Spring 2022 please fill out this form:

200hr Vinyasa Flow TT with Becky Farbstein

This training will be delivered online and in person

Anatomy module led by Elodie Frati

Diversity, inclusion and cultural appropriation in yoga module led by Rishin Paonaskar

Methodology, teaching beginners and mindfulness modules led by Anna Norbury

This 200-hr foundational yoga teacher-training course will give you the tools you need to effectively teach intelligent, well-balanced vinyasa yoga classes. Through daily asana practice, subject-specific lectures, group discussions, and many hours spent practicing teaching, you will become a skillful, authentic, informed yoga teacher. The senior yoga teacher, Becky Farbstein, has a unique background, having trained and worked as a prehistoric archaeologist for more than 15 years before becoming a successful yoga teacher. Her deep understanding and respect for how modern science can help us better understand ancient history guides and informs her approach as a yoga teacher.

Dates 2022

This training is happening in Spring 2022 – dates TBC

Training Modules

This course covers all the key topics of a foundational yoga teacher training. 

Modules topics include:


Applied anatomy

History of yoga and philosophy

Teaching methodology


Assisting and adjusting

Pranayama and meditation

The business of yoga

Diversity, inclusion and cultural appropriation in yoga

What to expect from this training

All students will learn to apply contemporary science, anatomy, sports medicine, and injury management strategies to help them teach smart, safe, physically sustainable asana-based classes that are appropriate for modern practitioners. One homework assignment will focus on injury-management in common injuries for yoga practitioners. Participants will learn how to teach a set sequence, and homework will also teach students to write their own sequences and build a comprehensive teaching curriculum, using a guided methodology for planning classes. All participants will also have an opportunity to teach a public community class at Retreat Studio near the end of the training.

​Certification will be based on a two-part examination: practical, in which the trainee teaches a full 60-minute class to other YTT participants with assessors in the room; and written. Participants will also be expected to complete the two homework assignments and do independent reading before and during the course (30 non-contact hours).

Payment options

Full Price £3495 / Deposit £250

1st instalment £1295 (paid by 03/12/21)

2nd instalment £650 (paid by 03/01/22)

3rd instalment £650 (paid by 03/02/22)

4th instalment £650 (paid by 03/03/22)

About Becky


Becky took her first yoga class at a local gym in 2004, shortly after moving from America to England to attend graduate school. For several years, she practiced Sivananda yoga to help balance the stresses of graduate school. She later discovered dynamic vinyasa yoga, which remains her passion. Becky considers herself a yoga “mutt,” and she has studied and takes inspiration from many diverse styles and schools of yoga (including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Dharma, power, and Jivamukti), but she is proud to remain independent from any “brand” or school of yoga.

Becky is fortunate to have trained with the very best teachers across the globe. She is proud to be an advanced student (500-hr YTT) of Jason Crandell, who remains her main mentor and inspiration. She completed her 200-hr YTT in London under the guidance of Stewart Gilchrist. Since then, she has also studied Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in Mysore, India with Shri Sheshadri, completed a 40-hour CPD certificate in teaching Ashtanga (Primary Series) with David Swenson, and trained in adapting vinyasa for pre- and post-natal practitioners (with YogaBright/Claire Saunders).

Becky teaches physically and intellectually challenging vinyasa yoga classes. Her classes are informed by contemporary anatomical knowledge, which supplement her deep respect for the more than 5,000 years of yoga tradition. She believes as 21st Century teachers of yoga in the West, we must all understand and respect of the history of yoga, while incorporating modern science that helps us adapt the practice to modern practitioners. She is passionate about helping other teachers strike this important balance.

Instagram: @beckyfarbs

About Elodie

Elodie wasn’t always a mover: it took the whole of 18 months before she decided it might be interesting to see what happened on the other side of the room, and therefore get up and walk! Since then however, there has been no looking back. Moving to the UK from her native France to train as a contemporary dancer, she discovered yoga for its physical benefits, and eventually fell in love with the wider practice in all its variety, adaptability, physicality and spirituality.

She is often described as ‘the smiling assassin’ so come to class expecting to work hard… whilst having fun! Elodie is passionate about helping students cultivate respect and awareness of the body and mind, whether in the most dynamic or restorative styles, so that they can develop an expressive, strong and fluid practice (mentally and physically)! Elodie is proud to also be a student of University College of Osteopathy.

As ever, she is grateful for all the teachers (official or not), that have crossed, cross and will cross her path in the future.

Instagram: @elodie_movingdynamics

To save your space you must pay a non refundable deposit of £250 and fill out the form below. Balance payment is made via bank transfer by the date specified on our email. Any questions just contact us: contact@retreatsandtrainings.yoga

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.

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